Icon On/off Switch (white) (X10/Insteon)


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All sold thanks to all for thier interest!

I have a bunch of ICON switches that I do not need any longer (as I am changing over to UPB).


I purchased them from Smarthome 11 months ago.

I have 2 in boxes, the rest have been installed (now are pulled, so no boxes no manual, although that is online).

I have 14 of them.

6 are Green LEDs, (sold)

8 are amber. (sold)

Works with X10 (how I used it from HS) and Insteon (how I used it for 3-Way switching)

They are relay, so unlike X10 WS, can drive motors (fans), incandescent (regular bulbs) inductive loads (florescent bulbs). The website I posted stated 10A, the back of the switch itself is stamped 13A

They are quiet relays (IMHO more quiet then the UPB Appliance relay and at least 1/2 or more quiet then an X10 Appliance relay). This may be because they are embedded in the wall, I don't know. However, the wife liked them when installed. Nice tacktile feel, solid click (I think better then the UPB switch, however I like the UPB features better) for on/off functionality.

I'm looking for (but can be negotiated with) $15 each, + shipping. I can also be haggled with if you are willing to take the whole lot.

PM me, or [email protected], I will take Paypal, Personal check (clear first), Certified Check (As soon as I get it I'll mail everything out), or potentially others (what else is there?).