Idiots Guide to Elk Power


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I've been looking around trying to find a summary FAQ or How-To guide on connecting devices to the Elk-M1G. Does such a thing exist? I want to make sure that there aren't any "gotchas." I'm also curious what other people have done around auxiliary power supplies. How often are these really needed?

Thanks. I've been reading through the manuals. I can make sense of most of it, but want to make sure that I don't miss anything. I've got about 10 motion detectors and 9 glass break detectors, 2 moose piezo sirens, 1 elk speaker, and a couple of relays. That's the main stuff for now. Most zones are just door/window contacts and I will need a couple of zone expanders since I wired every door and window in the house.

Again, I just want to watch out for any gotchas.

Thanks much!
stacyh3 said:
Again, I just want to watch out for any gotchas.
One of the gotchas is make sure you test the system in full alarm with sirens screaming. That is when you will likely see overcurrent errors.