Indigo 5 Released


Indigo 5

We're extremely pleased to announce the immediate availability of Indigo 5. After several months of beta testing, we're very happy to report that Indigo 5 is rock solid and ready for everyone. We know that you'll be as excited as we are about it. See below for a list of new features.

You can upgrade from your current version to Indigo 5 by visiting our purchase page and entering your current registration code in the Upgrades section. (if you already have Indigo 5 beta installed you won't need a new code - just install the final version).

IMPORTANT: Indigo 5 requires Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) or better. Any Mac hardware that's officially supported by Mac OS X 10.5 will work with Indigo.

IMPORTANT: This version is only compatible with Indigo Touch 1.7 or higher. If you have an older version then get the latest free update from the iTunes app store.

Major New Features
  • (Pro Only) New plugin functionality that allows us and other developers to add functionality to Indigo without needing to release a new version of Indigo (see the plugin development docs in the Technical Documents section of the documents wiki if you're interested in building a plugin for Indigo). Plugins can add devices that will integrate directly with the various Indigo User Interfaces (UI), events that show up in the Trigger UI, and actions that show up in the Actions UI. Plugins included with Indigo:
    • iTunes Plugin - This plugin allows you to create iTunes Server devices. These devices can be used in Device State Changed triggers, in Actions to control iTunes, and on Control Pages to show state and to control iTunes natively. It's built to support either local or remote iTunes application instances.
    • NOAA Weather Plugin - This plugin lets you define Indigo devices from NOAA weather stations. The device states for temperature, current condition, wind speed, etc., then automatically update.
    • WeatherSnoop Plugin - This plugin communicates with the Mac WeatherSnoop application and which interfaces with both local weather station hardware and Weather Underground stations. The device states for temperature, current condition, wind speed, etc., then automatically update.
    • EasyDAQ Relay Card Plugin - This plugin allows you to define and control the EasyDAQ USB relay cards directly from Indigo. Using Indigo you can control the digital and relay output channels, execute actions when a digital input changes, and inspect all input and output channels remotely via Control Pages.
    • iCal Alarm Processor Plugin - This plugin monitors reminder emails sent from iCal, and allows the event details to be spoken by Indigo. Advanced features include adding Indigo actions to the notes field of the iCal event.
    • Airfoil Plugin - This plugin gives you control over the Airfoil application (on the same Mac as the Indigo Server), and defines Indigo triggers based on Airfoil speaker and audio states.
    • DIRECTV DVR Control Plugin - This plugin will enable Indigo to control DIRECTV DVRs (models H21 and HR20 and newer). You can go directly to a channel or mimic a keypress on the remote.
    • Growl Plugin - This plugin adds a native action to the Actions UI that allows you to send Growl notifications (requires Growl 1.2.x).
    • Action Collection - A collection of useful actions available from the Actions UI, including: Open File, Run Script, Write to Log, Insert Device State into Variable, and Insert Timestamp into Variable.
  • New Condition Editor for Triggers and Schedules (previously called Time/Date Actions) is now standard. The Condition Editor works much like the Mail rules editor: you can have multiple rules using ANY, ALL, or NONE as the operator on the compound condition. We've also added several new condition types: time, date, variable to variable, and device state comparisons are now available. Check out the Condition Editor documentation for details.
  • New keyboard shortcuts: in most places, CMD-D now duplicates the selected items and the Delete key will delete the selected objects. CMD-N now creates a new item based on whatever your looking at - in the Main window it's whatever view is selected (Device, Trigger, etc).
  • (Pro Only) The Control Page editor now supports Cut/Copy/Paste between control pages as well as drag and drop. You can drag and drop page elements between pages and drop devices on a control page to add them. See the Control Page Editor section of the overview for details.
  • (Pro Only) The Control Page list in the Home Window will allow you to drag Control Pages out to the Finder for easy sharing. See the Control Page Editor section of the overview for details.
  • Right (control) clicking on any table now shows you a contextual menu with options appropriate for the item. All items now have a new Copy ID (123) menu item that will copy the item's internal database ID to the clipboard. This ID is required when using the new Python API so that scripts continue to work even after an item has its name changed.
  • The Help menu has been expanded and now points to the official documentation that's stored in our wiki system and available through Web browsers.
  • (Pro Only) New robust Python based scripting model. Execute Script action now supports Python for both embedded scripts and external script files, with automatic access to a thorough Python Indigo module.
  • (Pro Only) New interactive Python scripting shell.
  • (Pro Only) New Refreshing Image URL control type to Control Page editor, which can show realtime updating images on Web pages or Indigo Touch (great for SecuritySpy).
Other Enhancements/Improvements
  • All tables now have customizable columns. By right-clicking on the header you can show/hide each column using the resulting menu (a la iTunes). Several new columns have been added.
  • Added support for iMeter Solo INSTEON module. The Indigo UI and Indigo Web server will show current Watts in use as well as accumulative kWh used from a user resettable time.
  • Added support for INSTEON RemoteLinc 2.
  • Added support for INSTEON dual-band OutletLinc dimmer.
  • Added support for new INSTEON SwitchLinc Relay Timer.
  • Added support for the new INSTEON dual-band KeypadLinc Relay model 2487S
  • Added Device state tracking of individual INSTEON KeypadLinc LED buttons (not just main load).
  • Added Turn On/Off Keypad Button actions to control the LEDs on KeypadLincs (requires extended message compatible PowerLinc and KeypadLinc).
  • Added Remove Delayed Actions action to remove delayed actions and auto on/off actions.
  • (Pro Only) Added support for INSTEON Thermostat Rev2 temperature, humidity, setpoint, and mode updating without polling.
  • (Pro Only) Added support for INSTEON Thermostat Rev2 equipment state tracking (cooling on/off, heating on/off).
  • (Pro Only) Added support for the new Venstar Thermostat with built-in INSTEON (no adaptor).
  • Added Device option to disable Indigo communication (sending and receiving commands) for all device types.
  • Added Enable/Disable Device actions.
  • Added Beep Device action to remotely beep some newer INSTEON modules.
  • Added ability to interactively skip asleep INSTEON modules when performing a batch sync.
  • Added ability to remotely set KeypadLinc backlight brightness (requires extended message compatible PowerLinc and KeypadLinc).
  • Added ability to remotely set KeypadLinc 6 or 8 button configuration (requires extended message compatible PowerLinc and KeypadLinc).
  • (Pro Only) Improved client/server communication reliability, especially when editing large databases.
  • (Pro Only) Improved reliability of the optional SQL logging client.
  • (Pro Only) Improved reliability of embedded AppleScript execution.
  • Modified UI to ensure that all user interfaces had defined tab order - you should be able to navigate completely from the keyboard.
  • Right (control) clicking on the database name in the title bar now shows path to the file (only when the client is running on the same computer as the server).
  • (Pro Only) The Scripts menu has been replaced with the Plugins menu. This menu reflects the new plugin architecture. See the documentation for more details.
  • (Pro Only) Added device images for control pages that mimics the play/pause button behavior in iTunes for use with iTunes server devices (iTunes plugin). See the plugin's help page for more details.
  • Interfaces are now treated individually - INSTEON/X10 PowerLine, X10 RF, etc. Each is configured separately, and enabled/disabled separately. The status area now shows the enabled/disabled/error states separately for each interface.
  • Changed some terminology - "Time/Date Actions" are now referred to as "Schedules."
Thanks beta testers and our 3rd party developers!

As always, we had an incredibly productive and useful beta cycle. Thanks to everyone who made requests, comments and bug reports. Indigo is truly a community fueled development effort thanks to the involvement of you all. And a special thanks to our developers who have created an incredible number of plugins already! A bunch are still in beta but we are amazed at the quality and quantity of really useful plugins that are already being used. We really look forward to growing our plugin ecosystem.