Installed HAI Home Control for MCE...


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Well, I recieved my MCE today and just finished the bare bones install. It's up and running and talking to my OPII. I have a lot to do over the next few days (maybe weeks) to set up the PC as I want. I've only got about 10 minutes time playing with it but my first reaction is that the HA aspect is a little "kludgy". I think it will be smoother once I am viewing DVD's via MCE as I can minimize the screen and run the HA on the larger region. The graphics, while MCE'ish, are a little "cheap" looking.

I'll continue to post on the subject as I play more.
Are you talking about the HAI MCE software? It is pretty simple and limited. Also, make sure you get the patch for it from HAI, othewise, it looses the Key almost everytime you use it, and that's fun to enter with a remote.
Yeah, that's the software I mean. It is indeed very simple. I will have to reprogram some unit locations and rearrange my "buttons" (I've always hated their choice of "buttons" for macros) to make more intuitive sense on this UI. I am making progress though and it's starting to come around (Thanks to Edenlights for your help!).
The thing that bugs me the most, is that HAI supports UPB, yet, there is no way to name a link. So, if you control your lights with links, you have to remember, was it link 34 that turned on my light, or link 41?
I just create buttons for UPB linked scenes, etc. I definately prefer UPB over HLC but use a mix within my home.