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I was screwing around on Smarthomes site an came across their Product Index for the INSTEON line of products. This should give us some idea of what is to come. The only big questions are when, what does it look like, and specs ;)

--Contact Activated Transmitters
--Motion Detectors
--Plug in Modules
----Lamp Dimmers
--Wireless Remotes
----Low Voltage
----Relay/Inline Dimmers
--RF Receivers
--Tabletop Keypads
--Wall Switches
Looks like they are going to have an exciting lineup and a lot to look forward to. Thanks for posting the list. ;)
Agreed, nice list. I like the new controllers they have.

I've considered writing them to ask to have some kind of adapter or version that looks like their old switches. I like the concept, love the fact that they are not as deep (the reason all my switches haven't been replaced with switchlincs are that the switches are so deep that the electrical boxes in my house needed to be ripped out and replaced with deeper ones in order to use them, which is annoying).

Anyone hear of plans to offer anything like this? I'm sure they have a lot of switchlinc customers.
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wow, way too much time on your hands. ;)
It took me all but 20 minutes to catch on and put together a list. I got the idea from jeffx on how he was getting the Promo Codes at Smarthome. I figured the same idea might work for the product Categorys and it did. There still might be more higher in the numbers but at 109 it started a different category of products so I gave up. If somebody wants to take the time and go higher to see if there are any more feel free to spend your time, just let us know if more are found.