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I was in the middle of a 12-hour shift and honestly read the email a little fast and did not realize it was for developers only.

I did not release any information from their developer forums, just an email announcement which I get from SH occasionally, but still don't want to cause anyone grief =) so I deleted my message...

Exactly what does this mean if you have a PowerLinc and are running PowerHome? Do I need to download and install firmware updates? Do I need to swap my PowerLinc for a newer revision? I don't really understand what the firmware vs the core app vs the module revision all really means.
I think this notice is only out for people who have the SDK.
Currently if you are just using the PLC with released automation products, I don't think there is anything that needs to be done -- if your management product starts requiring the new PLC with a new release they will probably say so.
As for power-home I believe SDM 235 is the recommended build for it right now and from my experience 278 doesn't work.
Firmware can not be field updated as told by Smartlabs. What changed from 2.12 that many have and 2.13 in the new ones, not much is known. I do know that 2.13 fixed the USB PLC from telling the USB controller it used 500Ma of power when it used none. It uses the powerline for power and not the USB Port.

The SDM3 and Timercoreapp are downloadable software updates.
I do know that Timercoreapp11 fixed my PLC standalone clock drift; as it resynced the PLC software clock to the hardware RTC clock at 2:00AM everyday.

Yes Paul I think it may have been to SDK users.
I told myself, over and over again, make no comments, only state facts...

Oh well, that is gone.

The INSTEON 'SDK' members got email notices of a plan to exchange their older SDK PLCs for the new SDK PLCs (I'm not going into rev numbers).

Right now (I think) this was supposed to be a 'heads up' for SDK members.

I am sloooowly starting to understand why SH/SL is mostly hesitant about releasing any information into the SDK forum.

All of that aside, I would enjoy hearing about documentation of any of this?

Well point 2 and 3 the software updates. I believe a developer is allowed to point their users to the download if it helps their programs. You where not alone in the question on a public BB about " What is differents in the hardware?"
I also reread the meaasge and I thought I could replace all my older firmware 2.9 Rev 1.4 PLCs. Now I maybe looking greedy as I think it was just for the one in the SDK kit. :eek:
ver0776 said:
I re-read the email, it was not like they said it was proprietary info or anything. You make me feel bad like I let some secret out of the bag. You are right though, I should have mentioned it only applied to developers at least...

It does seem a lot of people with developer forum access are hesitant to re-release or discuss that info on public forums. I realize there are some NDA issues. But, personally , I don't think it is right to allow consumers to drop $1000's of dollars on something without knowing all the facts. At least the ones that could impact that decision...

That being said, what was said above pretty much sums up what the general developer community (and I) know about these new versions. They fix the clock drift and timing issues and the USB info which may be related to conflicts with directx gaming.
In the interest of fairness, here is the email (I'm already on the Sh Sh** list)

Based on our continuing work on reliability improvements and some added functionality for three of the development tools and subsystems, we would like to announce the latest upgrades available to our development community:
PowerLinc Controller firmware revision 2.13 and module revision 2.0 (2414U) and module revision 1.9 (2414S)
PLC Core Application revision 12
Smarthome Device Manager (SDM) revision 278
Items 2 and 3 are available at Item 1 is an update of the firmware in the PowerLinc Controller (PLC) and will require a replacement module to obtain. Complete instructions on how to get an updated PLC are available at*******/*********.html (I had to keep some)

Thank you for your continuing support for INSTEON technology.

I do not really believe they expected this to be a kept secret.


edit added:

this is also public info

Item #3 is what sometimes keeps me up at night, wondering if a subpoena is in the mail.