IR controller


I got my new WebDT 368XP in this week, Here is more info for those interested.

This unit has a built in ir port for sending and I assume receiving info. The specific hareware is an Ali Fast Infrared Controller manufactured by AcerLabs. I am looking for any ideas on how I can put this to good use. If I could at least get it to run the TV,DVD and stereo right now I might be able to win back some WAF points. I need to stop the bleeding, or at least slow it down.
I will eventually use it as a whole house wireless controller but I have to buy the rest of the components to make that happen.
I think that the speed is great it rated at 980 ghz +/-. The best test that I have done is to play various web videos to see if it can keep up. I was able to watch anyvideo on you tube that I wanted.
Elan uses the same computer as a wireless controller

Here is the same product from Convergent Living

As far as price I was able to steal this off ebay, I got it for just $290. If I could find another at this price I would buy another one. I think that both Elan and Convergent living have a msrp of $3000.