IR interference from lights?


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Recently picked up some "Greenlite" brand LED bulbs (local utility has arrangements with some local stores to make them very low cost). But having issues with IR remote for TV - doesn't work when lights are on. Other LED bulbs don't seem to have the issue although I upped the size to 100W equivalent. It's about 12' from the TV. I am guessing the amount of IR output varies a lot between brands. What experience to others have with this?
I just tested this and the bulb doesn't interfere with the remote controls. Yesterday I had some trouble and when I shut the bulb off the problem went away. Now not sure what is going on...
They make LED/Plasma proof IR receivers. Has this IR receiver worked well with that TV prior to changing the light bulbs?

The long story short, many devices transmit in the IR frequency range in addition to the visible light spectrum so interference from lights, TVs and other devices is not uncommon.
It's an older USB windows media center IR receiver. Haven't noticed any issues with the newer TV.