IVB's Elk Install is Running in "Beta" Mode


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My Elk install is running in beta mode! Or is it called Alpha? Whatever, I mounted the 2nd keypad near the front, ran the CAT5e and hooked up to the system, and armed both it & the ADT system today before leaving the house for several hours! And, when I came back, everything was still fine.

The Elk isn't actually hooked up to the phone lines, as I want to run it for 2-3 weeks to make sure the motion sensors don't pick up anything outside the house by mistake. I've now got them in every room of the house, more for non-security reasons [ie, turn off speakers/lights/etc if there's no motion and/or there's no DVD or audio playing in a room for xmins]. But, as long as I got them, I may as well use them. Hopefully all goes well enough to give ADT 30 days notice on 7/31, then flip to elk live on 9/1. By then, I may also have enough time to put in a structured wiring system for the network & phone distribution and clean up the horrors that is my current wiring for the media closet, so it'll go live with the "right" structure.

I've got some "known" issues; can't figure out how to get both keypads working at the same time. I'm reading the Elk install guide, says something about keypad addresses, yet another thing that'll take a few reads to get through my thick skull. I also wired up all the motions as Definition4: Immediate alarm, rather than putting the ones near the doors as Def5:Follower, giving me time to disarm the system.

But, exciting progress nonetheless.
Way to go! If I remember correctly I believe you just set an address and enroll your keypads. Make sure they are terminated properly.

Could you do me a favor and change your title though? People might get confused with the "My Elk" thinking it is electron's "my.elk" script and that it is in beta (which it is not). ;)


Could you do me a favor and change your title though?

Sure thing; How do I change the title? When i press edit, it only lets me change the post.