Kodicom - Sapphire 2400 PCI-E - Frozen image


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Hi all,

I have recently rebuilt a new pc with the ATI Sapphire 2400 pro pci-express nothing special but it works well apart from my dvr. I have a kodicom card that works fine on my internal grapchics card but not with my ATI card pci-e i have used loads of different drivers bit it just freezes on one image and is motionless.

Please could somebody help

When you buy a legit DVR setup you will be provided exactly what is required to make it work. Some DVR software is very hardware specific, as I recall Kodicom is. IIRC it requires an ATI display adpater but I'm pretty sure it's going to be AGP. :)

What happened to the AVC760?

The Kodicom software is stolen, so you should seek other software. Possibly it will work with your display adapter.
selling it due to quality not as good as dvr. My onboard graphics works fine but no good for my games i thought the radeon 2400 pro pci-e would work tho anybody know which pci-e cards work

Kodicom and their legit dealers do know.

(Kodicom kinda blows anyway so it's not a big loss)

You need to start looking for generic software to support your hardware. Can you get me some good pictures of the card itself?