Leopard I IR Problems


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I posted this on Applied Digital's BB in November and received no response. I thought I would repost here:

I have a Leopard I that I purchased used. So far, it works very well until it comes to IR. When I go to the CMax software and try to learn an IR command, the red box that appears never goes away, even when I continue to point different types of remotes at the unit. The on board IR jumper is in place inside the unit; however, the blaster pins are not "jumped".

Any suggestions?
It has been a while since I have played with IR, but it sounds like your Leopard isn't seeing anything at all, which would mean a bad IR sensor, or a configuration issue. My Ocelot worked out of the box when it came to IR learning, so assuming you haven't changed anything, it should work. Since it isn't I would believe that this could be a hardware failure, but hopefully people like Guy and other Leopard owners can provide you with some better help.
Yes, I remember that thread and it sure looked like it was a bad IR receiver. I think I had suggested getting the external receiver dongle (its only about $12). Aside from that, it would need to be tested with a scope to see if the IR receiver is putting out a signal envelope.
No, it is made by ADI. It is really just a TSOP38 IR receiver (made by Vishay) wired to a stereo mini-plug. The +5v goes to the barrel, ground to the center ring, and signal out to the tip.