Location of motion detector


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The instructions for my new CADDX wireless motion detector say to mount on an outside wall looking it. That is interesting. My old system (professional installation) had the detector on an inside wall looking out towards the door and windows. I guess if I mount it on the outside wall at a height of 7.5 feet (as specified) tilted down, it will cover the door and windows. It would be mounted between the door and windows. Is this the usual way to mount a motion detector? Would aiming it at the door/windows be a problem?

Way back.... when i did alarm installs most installers would install the detectors on external walls and not internal walls looking at windows.....Might be some issues with getting direct sunlight onto pirs ......

I find that motions tend to false alarm sooner or later if they are pointed at windows, doors, or heat vents.

Some people want to catch the bad guy ASAP but I would rather have a more stable system (then again I hve very little to steal).
Interesting. I have issues with one motion detector that faces my door/sidelight during the morning (faces East). This now makes sense!
I have the same problem with one motion sensor mounted near an east window. If it's a sunny day, then an isolated fast moving cloud comes in, it will trip the motion sensor.

We close that blind before we leave the house now... :)