Looking for a high quality "You've got mail" wav


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I just put a DS10A in my mailbox (can't believe it reaches this far without upgrading the antenna, which I was planning on doing anyways), so I want to play that AOL voice saying "You've got mail" when the mailguy delivers the mail. Unfortunately, I can only find low quality ones, so I am hoping someone has a higher quality one (CD quality if possible). Thanks!

It's full name is ADPCM. From what I know... it's just another audio Codec that is being used a lot for ringtones since it can create a hi-quality audio sample in a relatively small file. Any audio editor can easily translate these to wav. In fact, I think if you just rename the file .wav it will play back perfectly
Here is a page with lots and LOTS of mail notifications. Check it out HERE.

This is the one I have used for a few years now:
I always thought the "English" had this correct and we have it backwards, The English go to the Post Office to get Post, we would have to go to the Mail office to get mail :D


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And the voice is Joanna Lumley...used by AOL UK for various voice clips including that one for email!

We don't go to the Post Office to get our post, it is delivered by the postman (not a mailman!) except in very few rural areas.

Mind you EPost sounds C**P!