Looking for cable armor and crawlspace motions


Looking for two things...

1) We have some 1/4" (ish) flexible armor conduit for door actuator and prox reader cables, with some nifty fittings to screw into our metal doorframes. Any ideas where I can find more of these?

2) We want to put some motion sensors into our crawlspaces above the office false ceiling, so I need some motion sensors with a wide but fairly flat focus beam. Should I just get a normal motion, block off the look-down, and angle it up some, or is there a sensor that would work well for this application?

I agree with Steve. I'm a big fan of the Visonic "Clip" motion detectors and have a curtain that is a very narrow beam.

Look at THIS specification listing where they even have an example beam profile figure of what I believe you are looking for (figure 7, first page).

I can't remember where I got them as it was over three years ago, but either Automated Outlet or Worthingtons (not a big fan of Worthingtons, but hey, they are local here ;) ).
Aha, "curtain" is the magic word :lol: Thanks! Looks like AutomatedOutlet, Home Security Store, and even Amazon carry them.
Ok, so I still can't find the cable armor. Took some measurements, we need 5/16" outer diameter stainless steel flexible conduit. Where does one order that, not in mass quantities?