M1 Control and M1XRFTW Two Way Receiver Software Upgrade Available


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ELK Products, Inc. has released M1 firmware upgrade version 5.3.0 and the M1XRFTW firmware upgrade version 1.2.50.
The versions have been tested by UL and will start shipping in new production M1's and M1XRFTW Two Way RF Transceivers.  This upgrade includes enhancements for the ELK-6050 Two Way Smoke Detector.
The M1 and EZ8 Version 5.3.0 and the M1 Version 1.2.50 are all available on www.elkproducts.com downloads section.  They are also available through ElkRP's Help -> "Check For Updates" menu.
More to come.....
Will ELK start publishing the SPAR's on the FW so I don't need to dig through all the details and download the doc to see what has been fixed or discovered to see if it's actually worthwhile to update client panels?
I don't see the updates - checked the Owners and Installers areas and the most recent I see is 5.2.10.  I'll fire up RP later and Check for Updates to see if that gets it.
I was able to download the 5.3.0 firmware from the Elk website last night, but don't see it there today
Uht-oh....know what that usually means....bad firmware or issue discovered after release.
Say it ain't so.
Version 5.3.0 of the M1 firmware has reappeared on the Elk support web page.  It seems to be a different file from what was out there previously. 
I'm reviving this topic because I never did get an answer from Elk about the two way wireless smoke detector and whether the smoke detector is UL listed when using M1 firmware 5.2.10. I question this because there was a mention of it in the 5.3 release notes that I didn't understand. There was also more than one reference to the 2-way wireless in the 5.3 release notes.
When I upgraded my M1 firmware to 5.3 (about a year ago) I began getting unexpected system restarts. I rolled back my firmware to 5.2.10 and the restarts disappeared. Now a year or so later another firmware upgrade has been released and that puts me two versions behind the curve.
So now I'm considering upgrading my firmware to the latest version mainly due to concerns with the smoke detectors. Does anyone here know if the 2way smokes are UL listed when using firmware version 5.2.10? Also are there any other reasons that would make it worth my time to do the upgrade to 5.3.10?