Master Controller Recommendations


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Hello all, 
First, a big thanks to everyone in the cocoon community. This forum is filled with so much valuable insight and information, especially for HA noobs like me… 
I read elsewhere on this forum the recommended process is to choose a controller then build a system around it. Consequently, I'm wondering which controller software will be best for my use case. I’m planning to deploy 150’ish devices from multiple vendors (Light switches, power outlets, Elk security, Doorbird, blue iris, etc.). From what I can tell, the most important criteria for my build are:    
1) Controller stability
3) Operate locally with NO cloud dependencies (I have my own VM network back end). 
2) Long-term support/company stability 
4) Plug-in support/DIY Configurability/Pure automation capability
5) Cost
At this point I have it narrowed down to CQC or Myserver (leaning very heavily towards CQC), but I’m certainly open to other recommendations as well. Does anyone have any direct, in-depth experience with one, both, or another platform? Can someone outline the specific pros and cons between them? 
Homeseer is worth a look, hits all your points.  It also has options that run on more than just Windows.  
I would make a checklist of all the things you want to do and then run that list against each option. Everybody has different requirements so really focus on what is important to you. Example for me:
I need lots of verbal chatter to keep up with what is going on around my place. Most people would get annoyed with that but it is a critical requirement for me.
I do not usually carry or use a cell phone so any cell phone or geofencing abilities are useless to me.
I don't mind wiring and I need a lot of wired inputs... I really thought the Elk M1 would be expandable enough but now find I have to make compromises to conserve inputs on my maxed out panel. (Not a typical problem)
And so on. Take the time to figure out what you really want to do and don't be swayed by features you will never use anyway.
Hi SpAsTiCnErD!
It's been a while since I have been online on Cocoontech.
Did you end up going with an automation controller?
How has your experience gone?
I see you have only made one post here.  Hopefully you are still active with Home Automation!
Looking forward to hearing from you.