MCE 2005 reviews


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Microsoft Windows Media Center 2005 reviews are finally starting to appear, and it looks like MS might have made stupid decisions again.

Some of the reviews:

Here are some of the major changes:
  • Basically, you can now record 1 show and watch the other (not sure yet if you can record 2), I was hoping they would support more than 2 cards.
  • HDTV is only supported when used OTA (over the air), they decided not to support HDTV over cable/satellite, probably out of fear of that broadcast flag.
  • You can now buy the software without a PC, but it won't come with the required DVD/mpeg2 codec, and the cheap ones such as PowerDVD, etc won't work correctly.
  • Built in CD burning wizard for the stored videos/pictures.
  • Built in support for MSN.
  • Built in RSS reader, but will require a subscription.
There are many other changes, but none are as significant, and I personally still think that the new release is rather disappointing, check out some of the reviews to see why.
Who owns the 2004 version? Would you recommend it to others. I have a friend that's offered to sell his PC with MCE 2004 on it.
I have 2 2004 machines, they run great, and there is a lot of stuff you can do. Post the specs/model info here, and we can help you figure out if it's worth it, I personally wouldn't invest in a 2004 machine right now, as 2005 is about to be released in a week.
I guess you're right electron; I'll just wait till 2005 comes out. And even if I don't get it. Price is SURE to drop ;) I just didn't realize it was being released so soon. Maybe that's why he's trying to get rid of it. I would be helping HIM to upgrade. I'd rather wait now. Thanx. :D
I was looking at a MCE2004 machine today.

HP Media Center m1095C

3.2 Ghz P4
512 Mb PC3200 DDR SDRAM
200 GB Serial ATA drive
ATI Radon X600 Pro
PCI e Graphics Card 256MB S-video out DVI out
Built in Digital Cable Tuner (if I read the box right)
FM Tuner
Wireless keyboard & mouse
Remote control

19" HP Pavilion LCD Monitor f1903

New in the box for $1700

Good deal or pass and wait for MCE2005 and probably pay more?
I honestly would wait, about a year ago you could get a new MCE 2004 system for that at best buy (Medion) for the same price, same specs and LCD too. I also don't like the HP MCE systems , but that's a personal preference. MCE 2005 is coming out next week, I would wait for that.