MCE Extender: Xbox 360

i'm still hoping that we can run unsigned code some day in the near future on 360...

x360bmc would sure be nice :)
Question: If you were to use the Xbox only as an extender and not to play online games, do you need/want the hard drive?

I was considering trying this but I am trying to understand what I should get (no issue getting the hard drive, but if it really is for xbox live only and online games then I don't need it at this time.
You will probably want at least a memory card to download software updates but I use mine 95% as an extender and don't have a hard drive.
I picked one up last night. Interestingly I had to uninstall McAffee Privacy Service for it to work, but got it setup. Another tidbit I had not noticed is there is a limit of 5 extenders per MCE.

The core system comes only with a composite cable. While the TV I was testing with was old and does not have HD inputs, composite is pretty bad. I have an s-video cable coming to see how that is, but I suspect this may help push me into finally upgrading that TV to a flat panel.

It was nice seeing it work though. Still have to research some of the new things that were proposed for My Movies and how to solve the whole video issue, but initial look was real nice.

Thanks for the feedback.
The s-video cable came today. Boy what a difference. I'm impressed. $310 well spent. Now I just need to get my movies working.

I think this will also start to show the age of my mce machine (2.5ghz no HT, FSB like 533 or so)) so might give me the motivation to swap out the motherboard and cpu. Still I was impressed. Slight delay when starting a show, and it would get sluggish for half a second if I was watching a show 'in a box' (minimized? pip?) while playing with music or another function, while a show was being watched on the main system.

If I stopped the pip box in the extender it was pretty smooth.