mControl v1.50 (Home Edition) Build 2382


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Embedded Automation has posted a new build of mControl. Check out the changes:
  • Enhanced macro functionality including:
    • Macros now allow for multiple triggers
    • Time-based triggers and actions allow for randomization to prevent macro detection
    • Additional triggers have been added, including: IR Event, MCE Event, One Time and Device (Group)
    • Additional actions have been added, including: Macro Action, Send Mail Action and External Action
  • Support for Elk Security’s M1 security system, including the ability to:
    • View the status of each zone
    • Arm and disarm the system
  • Support for EZRain Irrigation System, including the ability to:
    • View the status of the EZRain Irrigation System
    • Program times for each valve
    • Ability to start the EZRain device with mControl macros
  • Enhanced security camera support including:
    • Support for Axis cameras
    • Support for addressing
    • Infrastructure to add cameras not currently supported by mControl
  • Enhanced user-interface infrastructure, which allows for:
    • Dynamic support for alternate screen sizes, in particular, Ultra-mobile PC (UMPC) screen sizes – including Samsung Q1
  • Enhanced support of Z-Wave protocol, including:
    • Greatly enhanced Z-Wave Adapter Utility which allows for:
      • Deletion/replacement of failed nodes
      • Enhanced Primary and Secondary role management
      • evice polling management
    • Support for the Intermatic USB adapter
  • Enhanced support of INSTEON protocol, including:
    • - Ability to trigger macros based on KeypadLinc button presses
      - Support for latest version of Powerline Controllers (PLCs)
  • Enhanced support of X10 protocol, including:
    • - Support for the W800RF32A X10 RF receiver. The W800RF32A receiver allows direct receipt of wireless X10 messages.
      - Support for Leviton modules which utilize “Extended X10†messaging. This support provides for 2-way communications, including status updates and macro triggering and enhanced dim/brighten control.
  • Many other general enhancements, including: UI, robustness, performance, macro operation and documentation
What really got my attention is the Insteon based irrigation system!