mechanics of setting up M1-Gold for Nextalarm ABN


:) I am sure others have done this and my problem is likely old hat but I recently switched from GE Simon to Elk M1-Gold in the process of building a new home. I had forgotten what I set the GE system up to dial when using the Linksys ABN that Nextalarm provided and initially set the Elk M1 to dial 1 digit only.
This was working...sometimes...It would communicate ARMED consistently but would consistently fail to communicate DISARM.
After pulling what little hair I had left out, I finally plugged a phone into the Phone jack on Linksys ABN modem and determined by trial and error that you have to dial at least 5 or 6 digits to get the "start" tones from Nextalarm.
I also added a couple of ","'s to provide at least 4 seconds delay before the Elk burps out Contact ID tones which may or may not be necessary but it seems to be working now.

Any comments from experience here?