Media + smarthome solution for XAP users



Pluto is a new, open source smart home solution that seamlessly integrates: 1) media with a server for music, movies and tv shows, plus a PVR and DVD Player, 2) a home automation system with touch-screen tablet and Bluetooth mobile phone controllers, 3) a phone system with video conferencing, 4) a security system that feeds you live video on your mobile phone when there are interruptions, and lets you speak to visitors through your stereos, and 5) a home PC solution. Check it out at

We also posted a page at explaining how we can help promote the established standards, like XAP, while we focus on delivering a consumer-friendly experience. If you’re working on XAP devices and would like a freely distributable whole house solution to showcase your device, we have forums, or you can send an email to aaron.b [at]

The support site sums up Pluto for techies and open source developers:
I learnt about Pluto several years ago when I read about it in an article. It looked pretty interesting, but I believe back then, it was not a free system. Is the latest version free to everyone, or just developers? What kind of home automation hardware do you support?
Hm, interesting. Browsing around the site, it appears it is true open source software

Press Release

License description

So, from what I see most of it looks to be GPL'd, but some is proprietary. The proprietary stuff is still free for personal use, but can't be sold pre-installed or as a "package" with hardware.

I be curious to see the actual license, I'm guess you only get that with a download.

Looks like an interesting product, I'm curious to hear what people who actually try it think. I've really just started my HA project and chose HS based on the community. Once it gets going I'll be like a Wordperfect user who someone is trying to convert to Word!