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There appears to be a problem with Microsoft update MS06-015/KB908531. The symptoms are a hanging timer cursor (hourglass) when trying to expand files in Exploer or the pulldown in IE. Or if you type in a URL in IE and the system hangs. They say it may be related to interaction with certain HP HW/SW. Look through these links before installing this update - it may save you some aggravation...,15875820~start=60#end

Edit: If you have already installed this patch and experience the problem, simply remove the patch in Add/Remove programs and wait for the updated release.
I have read good things about Firefox. I may try it myself as my friends all like it.
All correct, I may give Firefox a whirl myself but this bug is not IE specific. Has anyone had any issues with Firefox or things they do not like besides not having ActiveX support (hehe, I guess I can hijack my own thread)?
My only issue with FF is that some sites don't display or function correctly (IE ignores sloppy code while FF does not). No other negative issues at all.
Firefox has serious memory leaks, so don't think FF is perfect. Right now, firefox.exe is using 96 megs on my system, and I only have a few sites open.
electron said:
Firefox has serious memory leaks . . .
I'm not sure it leaks memory, but it sure can use a lot.

Just now, with two sites open, I got it up to 67 meg with a few clicks. But as soon as I iconisized it, it release all but 1.5 meg. Brought it back up, and it was 20 meg. A few clicks later, back to 67 meg.

If it was a leak, it wouldn't be releasing the memory when you iconisized it.

BTW: It's been open for about two weeks. One site has been there the whole time (I'm a slow reader), the others come and go.
The funny thing is if you bring up a medium-complexity page that uses and conforms to up-to-date HTML, DHTML, and other standards and capabilities in any of the 5 or 6 major browsers out there, the page will probably look different in EVERY one of them... things like: IE can't deal with transparent PNGs, different background image coverage or not, margin issues, line spacing issues, font problems, AJAX support, etc.

But I digress from the topic...
It appears that Firefox has a problem with our beloved CT. Attached is a pic of FF on the left on IE on the right.

Steve said:
It appears that Firefox has a problem with our beloved CT. Attached is a pic of FF on the left on IE on the right.

Hi Steve - Actually, I think CT has a problem with properly formed HTML. I have seen over written elements on the site too.

I believe that FireFox is one of the most standards compliant browsers available. Been using it for a long time.
It's a very old template with extremely bad HTML coding, but since I am working on the new version of CT, I am not bothering to fix this now.
If you already Auto-Updated and have this "Fix" from MS, there is a fix to get your machine back to normal again. This info comes from a MS employee, as MS still does not have a hot fix for the problem, this is about the only way to fix it, other than a roll-back.