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Is anyone here running their Home Automation software on an mini ITX platform? I assume you would have to rely on USB a lot, but the size of these boards allows you to build a nice home automation appliance.

If you haven't heard about mini ITX yet, check out for a cool example of the stuff you can do with these boards, you can find many more projects by going to their main site.
I know skibum was kicking the idea around. Or at least talking about it. I know he didn't proceed though. Not sure why. Guess he didn't see a real need.
to me personally, no, but I love the idea of a cluster of little mini itx boxes, all dedicated to home automation, backing each other up and balancing the load :) I guess I am too much of a geek when it comes to this stuff lol.
I'm the type that would rather have a rackmount full of servers in my basement than those things.

Rackmounts just look so cool :unsure:
ive been keeping a keen eye on these motherboards and have been wanting to buy 1 for a long time

that time will be sometime this week i will post how it fairs up as a homeseer server
Hey welcome to the site! That's cool, definitely let us know how it runs and what kind of hardware/case you got.
electron said:
I have lots of rack mount stuff, just no rack to mount it in ;(
. . . you can use almost anything to fabricate a rack . . .

. . . when I framed my wiring closet I just spaced two of the studs the right distance . . . rack mount stuff is now flush mount . . . back of equip is accessible from the storage area behind (that I robbed from to make the closet) . . .

. . . but you could use metal angle (I've seen this done inside an old stereo cabinet on the net somewhere), square aluminum stock, or uni-strut (a bit overkill, maybe) . . .

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Rack rails are pretty inexpensive. They can be mounted to just about anything.

Here's an example of some rails:
Rack rails at
These are steel rails and they come in several lengths. You can also get aluminum rails. Note that both types work fine with any rack-mount components - but the screw threads are usually different.