Monster Cables wants to own the word monster?


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This comes from the web, so who knows if it's true or not. Or, if it's being blown way out of proportion. But, it's interesting just the same.

Snow Monsters: Stop the Monster

It reminds me of the rumored conflict between Thomas Dolby and Dolby Labs.
Looks like this is the real thing, there is a pdf copy of the lawsuit filing, not really surprising tho, so many companies have been doing this, and eventho they have to defend their trademark by law, these companies are pushing it. Thanks for mentioning it tho!
I have heard of the way that Monster does business, and this in particular.

I would never buy a Monster cable again.
Here's a decent thread where some people who have been contacted by Monster have chimed in...

I have never bought their products, as they are WAY to overpriced, especially when there are cables of equal or better performance for less. Its all marketing (like Bose speakers)... not necessarily the best... just claim to be.
I have several Monster Cable cables in my setup (none purchased in the last few years). I've only got their low-end stuff and only because the build quality is reasonable and they were available locally. I've switched to another brand when I need to buy things locally.

I do use their low-end speaker cable because at the time it was just about the only stuff available in white (without using zip cord).
Skibum said:
Did you notice the improved high frequency response vs. the clear monster cable? ;)
No, but I do notice not noticing it as it goes around my door (up, over, and down the other side).
Wonder if all this stuff will go wireless soon. Then will it be called Monster Air?
Monster Cable has expanded their product line to include entertainment center furniture, surround sound amps, speakers, etc, with more to come, according to a recent article I read.

Maybe childrens snowboards are also in the future plans?
Thanks for the heads up on this.

I knew they were a worthless company before but now I know they're worthless AND mean.

I'm proud to say the only piece of monster hardware in my home is a surge protector that was thrown in free with the purchase of my tv.

I've never bought monster and this pretty much seals the deal that I never will buy monster.
Interesting reading. I've never been tempted to buy a Monster cable - I mean, why do I need an audio interconnect cable (10v signal strength max) the size of a 000 car battery conductor? Claims are ridiculous, too, in my book. And yes, I use a heavy gauge white zipwire for my 4" surround speakers... But most of it is in the wall/ceiling.