Motherboard Questions


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I'd go with an ASUS or possibly an ABIT board. 775 chipset.
Get the best memory you can afford. The 2.8 is great if you want to spend (read waste) that much money. the 2.4 has the big cache too.


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DavidL said:
I personally wouldn't buy a processor (and motherboard) that doesn't support the current DDR2 readily available RAM standard. That truly is buying yesterday's technology. Even if that means throwing away a stick or two of DDR (which can always be used to enhance an older machine like the CarPC).
i wouldn't either but the mobo i mentioned supports BOTH ddr and ddr2

John, looks like the ad page expired. the mobo it pointed to is the ECS P4M800PRO-M (V2.0)


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Sorry, but I would NEVER recommend a MB that supported 2 different standards for memory. ;)


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Ok, how does THIS BOARD look? It has a few features that I really like:

- The availability of the AGP slot. Just means the $300 Gfx card I bout about 8-9 months ago, I do not have to replace ;)

- It does use the DDR2 memory

- Supports ATA & IDE. No need to change out my hard drives & burners, or to have to purchase adapters for them. From now on I can just purchase SATA drives.

Only drawback I see is the 2Mb cache -vs- 4Mb. But hell, I have 512k now :eek:


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i think that mobo is fine. pentium d based boards are very mature and there's very little differentiation at this point other than maybe chipset vendors.

as for the cache size, it really depends on the type of apps you're running. here's an article comparing 2mb vs 4mb cache sizes for core 2. i suspect, it would be somewhat similar for the pentium d.