Mounting camera on brick


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I will be moving into a new home, and with it I have a camera pre-wire on my front porch. Thanks to another thread here tipping me off to a good online store, I ordered two Day/Night cams, one of which I have to mount to brick on the front portico area.

Anyone have experience mounting a camera to brick? I don't want to take any chance that the brick would crack or flake around the opening.
You should have no problems with this install. The best way to get the job done is to pre-drill into the mortar and use tapcons for the install, you can hand tighten the screws just to be safe. (Tapcons: usually a blue masonary screw with special high/low threads found at most hardware stores)
Well, I might be able to arrange it such that I can get two of the (what looks like) three holes in mortar. What about the third?
The Tapcons will work just as well in the brick just be sure to buy the correct bit for the size screws that you are using.
Aha! I knew it couldn't be that simple. I figured I'd need masonry bits. I don't have a hammer drill, though.
Those bits are not that expensive to get and I think you will find that you will only need to use two mounting screws.

Edit: Ahhh, can't link directly to those bits, but here are the details:

Vermont American
5 Piece 3/16 - 1/2 In. Masonry Drill Bit Set

Model 14012

Price: $9.98/ea

You will not need a hammer drill if you just take your time.
At Home Depot up here the tapcon fasteners are packaged as just the screws or screws with a drill bit included. Maybe like 5 screws and a drill bit.

You really don't need a hammer drill just take your time with a regular drill.

Good luck.........

Tapcons or the equivalent Powers Tapper screws are great. Just make sure you use the right size drill bit for the screw and don't wobble while drilling. I highly recommend the tapcon or powers brand bits instead of a regular masonary bit. The are carbide tipped and very accurate. Also, make sure you drill the hole 1/4" longer than the screw and you have at least 1" of screw embedded. Also don't blow the dust out of the hole after drilling, the screw actually uses it to help bite.
And you should be able to use all three holes if you position the mount where a vertical portion of the mortar intersects with a horizontal run of mortar.
It has been my experience that drilling directly in to the brick and putting a rubber anchor works the best. I have had the mortar crack out and then you have a REAL mess. With a small bit and a small hammer drill (just has a nice vibration), it works REALLY slick. I always seal the camera to the brick so I don't get moisture following the line back in (make a gasket and glue it). Just my 2 cents...