Mounting NX448E wireless adapter in Elk M1EZ8


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Well, I got my Elk M1EZ8 and the NX448E wireless adapter. I thought I would get further than I did, but... :D

I can understand the directions for mounting the NX448 in the cabinet and attaching the two antennas, but there aren't any holes in the Elk cabinet for mounting it. Do I need to drill holes in the cabinet to mount it? Or am I being stupid (not that that has ever happened :( )

Since Elk's tech support is closed now I thought I'd see if anyone here knew. If not I'll contact them tomorrow.

Thanks for any information anyone can provide

There are some on the top but I prefer to mount them as high as possible out of the box.

I forgot to read EZ8 and was thinking m1
Hi Brian -

Thanks for your reply. The only holes in my elk cabinet are two knockouts for wiring, and one tiny hole. But since you mentioned mounting it outside the cabinet, I may do that instead. It seems like that would get the best reception.

The M1 and EZ8 have different cabinets, so maybe somebody forgot to get the right holes in the EZ8?
It is better to mount the RF receivers outside the metal can. That is why there are no holes in the EZ8 can. We have found that you will get better range when the receiver is mounted outside the can. There is a plastic housing available for the Caddx Receiver.
Thanks everyone for the replies. :D It's good to have somewhere I can ask my dumb questions. This is the first alarm system I have attempted to set up.

Actually I had looked over that how to before, but I think it's time for a re-read now that I have the system in my hands.

Thanks for the tip! I'll try not to ask too many goofy questions :D