My first integration project...


:) Hi to all!
I started selling home automation products(mostly z-wave and HomeSeer) on the internet about a year ago. During this period i also started a home automation project for a client which also became a friend. This first project was very exciting and was also a good experience since i learned a lot. Things do not always go as planned and ajustments have to be made in order to deliver what was promised. The purpose of the project was to control via a wireless display a music library and some lighting. A viewsonic V210 was used as the graphical interface with a host pc where the music files resides and also the z-wave interface. The pc sound card was hooked to a stereo system. The initial lighthing need was for two Z-Wave 3-way dimmers(more to come). Also other systems will be integrated later(cameras & security). I used MainLobby, MusicLobby, JRiver MC11 and HomeSeer softwares. My client is very happy with the system and encourages me to do more integration in my neigborhood.

Just tought I would share my experience.

Electron: You're sight is really a great ressource. Many thanks!
Welcome aboard!

It's always great to hear about people trying to do something like this for a living. Are you planning on continuing to offer these type of services, now that you have some experience doing this?
Thanks for the greeting. Yes I am planning on doing this a lot more. I am working with a marketing expert to help me get to my customers.
I will probably share more experience in the future.
From your homepage news, it seems like 2006 is starting like a lion.
Well, it's good for everybody...
Thanks Brian,

You have a great looking site too and with lots of products!

BTW I know that the Z-Wave PC SDK will only be available in Q1 2006 but do you have a possible date or it's just too early to ask?

Also do you know if somebody is actually working with the SDK to make a user friendly Windows based program that would allow to easily manage and operate a Z-Wave network?

Congratulations on your first MainLobby installation.
How does the customer like it so far?
Make sure you post on Cinemar's Dealer Forum your experiences (here too!)
Let us know if we can help.
Hi David,

My customer really likes it. He is now working hard finding cover art galleries to graphically enhence his music collection. What really hooked him was the demo that I showed him at my place. He was very impressed.

I'm not yet a member of the Cinemar forum but will have a look.