CQC? HomeSeer? Control4? Creston? Mi Casa Verde? What to choose?

Same here Pete! OP2 and Homeseer (although the old Pro version 2.4, I still find HS3 not ready to migrate to). I use X10 remotes throughout the house with HS plugin, best HA remotes ever. I also use a few Pico remotes, but I wrote my own script for them to work with HS. And I have 12 X10 flood lights outside, 8 years since the install.
But I gave up on z-wave last year after my remaining Evolve switches suddenly all failed after 18 months and not even being used extensively. I replaced them with centralite zigbee switches, my friend had those for 7 years, and not a single failure.The only zwave devices I now have are locks. They are the "weakest link" mostly due to battery, but I have it monitored via HS and it sends message to my BetaBrite when the battery needs to be replaced.
Dean Roddey said:
And I've seen customers of other products that already had RA2 support report that it works with Caseta just fine.
What "other products" would those be ? 
Lutron artificially segregates Caseta products from RadioRa2 products although the underlying RF protocol is the same, i.e. you cannot use a Maestro dimmer with the Caseta hub and vice versa.  The only product that works with both is the Pico remote.
I was talking about the control protocol here, not the RF protocol. They used to have a completely different control protocol for different products. They finally got smart and created a standard one that all of their newer products use. Our current driver works as is with both RA2 and HWQS without knowing or caring which one it's talking to. Lutron says that Caseta uses the same control protocol, so our driver should work just fine with it as well. As I said, if it turned out there were any small deviations, we'd happily take care of that quickly.