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For those of y'all that don't recall, my wife and I had a baby boy last year who was born two months early. He's doing really well now, but one of the challenges he's had to/still has too overcome is poor vision due to being born early.

Becuase of severe farsightedness he's worn glasses since he was 3 months old.

Most people don't know that babies can wear glasses and we often encounter folks who think we put the glasses on him as a joke. We also found that there was very little information available about infants and glasses.

Becuase of this, my wife and I (OK, mostly me) put together a new website: using the Joomla content management system and Simple Machines forum.

I've been working on it in my spare time over the past month and have most of the bugs worked-out. It's my first experience using a content management system, and I must say it waaaaaay easier than building everything from scratch. I may convert my priary site over to Joomla as well.

Let me know what ya think ;)
It might not hurt to become an affiliate link for some of these items, especially if you are going to post tips and tricks which offer sales to another website. It can be mutually beneficial.

On a side note, I am absolutely stunned to see a child with glasses, and thought it was a joke myself. My first question would be how they assess the needed prescription.

The site btw looks fantastic and runs smoothly, best of luck.
Thanks un-wired.

That's a question a lot of folks ask.

The short answer is that the Dr. shines a light into the child's eyes through various lenses until the image they see on the back of the child's eyes looks right. Whichever lense the Dr ends-up with is the lense that the child needs in their glasses.

It's kind of the opposite of how you check an adult's vision... An adult looks from inside their eyes at a distant object, with various lenses between them and the object, and the Dr changes the lenses until everything looks good. For a kid who can't interact the way an adult can, the doctor does the intepretation for them. The doctor looks through the childs eyes from the outside in.