My Weekend Project


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You want a different feeling, do it without that airbag at the bottom...

That's exactly what I was thinking. I jumper at our local fair several years ago when bungee jumping was everywhere...NO air bag.

I yelled so loud that I broke a blood vessel in my right eye. I thought I was the man...The guy on the crane with me said "I'm gonna count to 3 and if you don't go I'll push you". I jumped on 1...The best feeling I ever had.

Skydiving is next. I've got about 15 - 20 minutes in a Skyventure Vertical Wind tunnel and I don't know what else could be more fun!


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I see rock-climbing on the list. Let me know when you're in California. We can climb with and without rope one day (multi-pitch trad, sport, and bouldering are all different games) then surf the next. Big waves are helluva rush. :ph34r:

Of course, "big waves" for me stop at 12-15 foot. I can introduce you to a friend who goes 30-50 foot when you're up to that. :)


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surfing is a different game for me, when i lived in Corpus Christi I couldn't go in the water for two minutes without getting stung by a jellyfish or stepping on a crab ... basically, the ocean scares the heck out of me ... :ph34r:

i would love to go rock climbing out there with you, what kind of rocks do you do? arena, or is it "real" climbing?


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Kindly - I didn't know you were a ski junkie. Three event?

I stick with slalom only. I've got a buddie that jumps (or use to until his second knee injury), and I never had the balls to do it - just drove for him. I wish I had more time to ski - I only get out to the lake a couple of times a year and on the course even fewer than that. young to want to ski yet, but they do like to tube.

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Kindly - I didn't know you were a ski junkie. Three event?

Ive been competing 3 event since I was about 12-13 (now 44). It's been a couple years since I've had time to make to the nationals but there was a series of years I never missed (to compete). I'm still fairly active both as a competitor as well as an official and hope to escalate my involvement this year. I was even a partner in a private ski lake development where we literally dug a lake for training and tournament purposes. So I suppose that would make me a junkie!

The jump in the video is Freddy Kreuger going 227' at the Masters at Calloway Gardens in GA a couple years ago. My personal best is about 90' behind that! :blink: But still a huge rush!! Lately Ski Flying has been really popular with the elite jumpers. There's distances of 280-300' are pretty common. That's something wild to watch for sure!