National Alarm Monitoring Companies for DIYers

I'm looking for new central monitoring service.  I just read that NextAlarm stopped IP monitoring with not much reason that I could google.  Seems like AlarmRelay is the way to go unless there are newer comments on this subject. 
joek said:
I was recently looking as well, so thought I'd add my two cents. I did as much research as I could, but it still seemed to come down to AlarmRelay and NextAlarm. And NextAlarm doesn't seem to have the best reputation these days. Plus their website's SSL certificate is messed up at the root domain name. If they can't get something simple like that working, I'm a little hesitant to use them for alarm monitoring (I realize they aren't exactly related, but it's security, after all, and I'd be using their website to manage some things, presumably). 
So I've decided to use AlarmRelay for now. I have a setup call next week to get everything hooked up. They have been very friendly and knowledgeable so far. I have an Elk M1 and they recommended I get a C1M1, which I did. The monthly price is quite a bit more than I was hoping to spend ($23.95/mth). That includes cellular service, though. I have this feeling there must be somewhere with more competitive pricing, but it's really hard to find reviews beyond these few major players. So I'll see how this goes but I'm feeling pretty positive about it so far.
I used NextAlarm for many years, changed to Alarm Relay when NA closed up shop.

Elk M1 with the XEP. No cellular. $15 / month.

No complaints at all.

The biggest difference I can see is no text alerts. I have managed to get the XEP to send email alerts, and using the Verizon [email protected] get the alerts back via text.