Need help with a controller/mobile app, are there any that do ZWave and Insteon WELL?

Hi Newbie.

I've run Homeseer for 2 years. Most Homeseer users run zwave but I use Insteon. The plugin developer Mark offers amazing support for his work as well Homeseer themselves.

I have both a Insteon PLM (Serial) & Insteon HUB. I use the PLM with Homeseer and the hub just burns 5 watts of power doing nothing. The hub is very entry level as an automation controller itself and is very limited with integrating other devices.

Insteon has some automation software that's free but if I understand correct, you can only integrate Insteon devices into it.

Homeseer is not the same as above and today I have integrated my alarm panel, htpc's, temps sensors, irrigation, surround sound amp, and more. Its much more of a platform and you would be hard pressed to find something better.

Good luck/