Need help with TI233 (Euro TI103)


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Hi everyone. I would appreciate some help with trying to get a TI233 working please. The TI233 is the Euro equivalent of the TI103 X10 powerline interface and differs in that, aside from being 230v/50Hz, it has an RJ10 connector on it.

I've not been able to get hold of an RJ10 to DE9 (9 pin D-Sub RS232 connector) adapter, so I was trying to figure out the pin-outs to solder on a DE9 connector, but need a sanity check - ideally from someone who has a working TI233 with a nine pine RS232 connector on it.

The ACT documentation states:


Pin 1 - Signal Ground (This appears to be black)
Pin 2 - Not Used (Red)
Pin 3 - Rx (Green)
Pin 4 - Tx (Yellow)

I assume that Tx is transmitted data out from the device and Rx is received data in.

I've wired this to a DE9 connector, thus:

1/SG/Black to Pin 5 - Signal Ground
3/Rx/Green to Pin 3 - TD (DTE to DCE, i.e. PC signal out)
4/Tx/Yellow to Pin 2 - RD (DCE to DTE, i.e. PC signal in)

and I've also wired DTR to CD and DSR as well as strapping RTS to CTS, on the DE9, for good measure.

Anyway, all I seem to get back when I test the TI233 with the TI104 test program is something similar to:


Note the garbage characters, which were some X10 activity that I sent out after the first status request.

I've set the baud rate at 9600, 8 databits, no parity and 1 stopbit (I also tried all the other legal combinations at 9600 and 19200), but get nothing back, or nothing recognisable on any setting.

To cut a long story short, I sent the unit back to the supplier, who tested it and returned it as working and I am still getting the same results. So I'm kind of wondering if I'm doing anything stupid and would appreciate any help here please. What would be great would be if someone could confirm the wiring that I've described as either correct, or otherwise, TIA.