New ADI product

For those not aware, ADI plans to market an RF "bridge" for the Adnet bus, allowing you to place modules in remote locations without needing to run bus wiring.
I think Dave Houston is working on an RF input for the Ocelot's serial port
Thanks for the info John. I did know this. The reason the MR26A needs to be on the Adnet bus is because the Ocelot has only one serial input, and mine needs to be attached to my HA machine (not only for downloading CMax programs, but I also report values to my Homeseer system as well).
What error? You, Dan Boone and myself all think that Dave Houston is possibly working on an RF device for the Ocelot, but details have been so few that I don't even know if this is an input or output device... Just the fact that we think and not know shows how sketchy this is ;) Knowing Dave Houston, we'll never know for sure until he actually comes out and says he has it completed.

As for each type of device, an RF device needs to look for a specific RF frequency so you cannot make a universal device. You can make one that looks for the X10 frequency of 310 mHz, but it will only work for devices that send or receive 310 mHz. Ceiling fans at 303 mHz will need a different RF modules, etc. A RF input device would need to demodulate the signal and present the signal envelope just like an IR receiver does. The issue here is recognizing the signal among all the RF noise. What Dave would probably do to make a receiver would be to use a microcontroller (he seems to like Basic X chips) like his "All house code" transceiver project to do the signal decoding and then present either a serial command to the Ocelot through the serial port, or a substitute signal envelope for the IR in port. Given that he has already done the serial port version of this, I'm guessing that he's either considering a IR in port version of this (to free up the serial port for C-Max, Homeseer, etc) or that his new project is a RF output device.

If this is an output device, then it is simply a question of taking the IR signal put out by the Ocelot's IR out and using it to modulate an RF transmitter instead. I have already done such a project last fall. I have it modulate the RF generator in a handheld ceiling fan remote.

Of course, the best way would be (as BSR said so himself) to have RF signal input come in as distinct events from an adnet module. This is the basis of my one of my own future projects. I want to use the MR26A to provide me with the X10 command as serial data, and then generate a slave controller event like a IR-in or touch button press. When I get the time, this is what I want to do. The only issue is that this involves a micrcontroller with other hardware, and I wouldn't want to go against ADI's wish to not have 3rd party adnet modules being offered (and I can understand that, given the potential market possibilities that they want to keep for the future).
Well, you are exactly right regarding Dave Houston. I respect his mind, but don't always agree with his opinions ;)

Of course, if it is an RF transmitter of some sort, it would be in kit form, to get around the FCC certification process.

Sure do wish you could market some of your Ocelot add on projects. :p
wow, I wasn't aware that there was something out there already which could deal with X10 RF signals. I guess the only bad part is that this will use the serial port. Nice find!