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Just wanted to let everyone know that I have added some new content to the website including how-to pages and links. I would still like to get more links so if anyone has any good ones please let me know.

Also if you check out the new how-to pages please give me some feedback so I can make them better.


The How To's look great.

Possible Suggestions :
Tips & Trick's Section

I know next to nothing about 1-wire products but after reading your how to pages feel I have a better understanding. I really like the Diagrams.
Awesome How-Tos, I will be interested in the One Wire How-to in the near future since I have some One Wire stuff laying around but nothing connected yet. Thanks!
Nice job! But I was confused about the Master Hub. It sounds like that is a product, but I couldn't find it for sale.

Thanks for the nice words.


The How-To got a bit ahead of the rest of the site. The Mater Hub is a new product that will be released shortly, but has you found out it is not on the site yet. It is basically a DS9097U serial adaptor and a 6 Channel Hub in one package.

Eric, might you want to add an "all items" section of the store? Sometimes it is a bit confusing jumping between the "weather" sections and the "home automation" sections. Especially for things that may not be obvious which section(s) they are in.