New Elk firmware


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just an FYI. I didn't notice it posted on the site...

Elk-M1XSP Serial Expander Firmware - Version 1.0.24 released 2/20/07
Elk-M1XSP 'Insteon' version Firmware - Version 50.0.26 released 2/20/07
Elk-M1KPAS Arming Station - Version 1.0.8 released 2/20/07
I installed it earlier today and now my INsteon devices dont work at all. I may need to relink everything.
Digger, according to the release notes, you should have to relink everything. Or do you mean that you tried relinking, and it STILL doesn't work?

"Insteon application firmware 50.0.26: (Updating will ERASE ALL linked Insteon devices!)"
Now who really reads documentation???

I was in a hurry and I dont have adobe installed yet on this computer. I just relinked a few things and some are working (typical that only some work). So I will be back to normal soon (whatever normal is).
johnnynine said:
I installed it last night for Insteon, however I am still unable to get the Elk to receive on/off notifications.

Same here.

I do not get any status updates at all now and I was getting some before. I have not had any lights go out or change level on their own since the update, so there has been some progress.

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