New version of mControl has been posted (1.31)


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Changes in 1.31 (which is a free update for current mControl customers):

Improved robustness related to INSTEON and X10 support, including:
  • Elimination of spurious exception errors
  • Improved automatic handling of plugging and unplugging of CM15A and 2414U
  • Behavior for INSTEON devices changed to reflect expected behavior instead of X10 behavior
  • Multiple X10 ON commands handling
  • Devices, if linked in mControl/2414U, will update status if ControLinc, SwitchLinc or KeypadLinc also have them linked and change status
  • Incoming and outgoing X10 messages on 2414U INSTEON adapter
  • Improved robustness for automatic linking and unlinking of devices in PowerLinc’s database
Improved robustness for installation, logging and copy protection, including:
  • Installation in non-default directory or drive
  • Size and number of log files can be set
  • Proper version is shown in “More Programs†area of MCE
  • Automatic upgrading of v1.1x database adds necessary fields
Improved robustness for editing of mControl devices, zones and related data.

Improved robustness for Macro handling, including:
  • Will not allow selection of undefined addresses as triggers
You can download the update here. Just make sure to follow the upgrade instructions.