Newbie's X-10 Woes


Well I got some devices and setted them up to get started playing with home automation to see how it would go. Things didn't go perfect, and while I think I may know why, I like to run it by you guys here.

First I little bit about what I got and the simple set-up I trying to get to run. Currently I have the firecracker starter kit, [firecracker serial interface,TM751,palm pad remote, lamp module] additionally I added two Smarthome LampLinc's. I also have a Maxi-Controller for programing. I am running HomeSeer 1.6 trial.

First problem: I have three lamps in the living room on the lamp modules. Using the palm pad remote all devices work correctly. However if I try to use the maxi-controller, one of the lamps will not responce at all. The only way to get this one lamp to work is to unplug one of the lamp modules. My guess/hope on this is "Collision of the signal" Is this what you guys think?, and would a coupler/reapeator solve this problem?

Also I can control all 3 lights from the other room via HomeSeer. The problem I have here is that the only control I have here is on and off. No dimming. Also I get no status reports on the state of the lights Does this not work correctly because of the fireceacker interface? Is it only a one way device? I would still think I would be able to dim tho.