Not sure whats going on with my omnipro ii?

OmniPro ii has been working for several years no real issues, was working last week after I upgraded from ASUS router to a pfsense 4100 router/firewall. Had a pretty good storm (like allot of the country) and lost power for several hours, now the omnipro isnt sending any signals to my SA upb switches, I am able to get into the dealer pc access3 software load other programs, from one laptop to another but even when I try to "send command" I get no response. Panel doesnt throw any errors my way either? Tips/tricks/help greatly appreciated!

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If all of the rest of the OmniPro 2 panel is working (zones, outputs, dialer) then it might be your HAI UPB PIM that is not working. It is best to purchase another one.

HAI Leviton 36A00-1

I have seen them on Ebay sometimes showing up at $20 USD.
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I had a number of these PIMs fail on me in electrically noisy environments.
There is a Gen 2 version out there.
It has a round silver sticker on the plug side. It is labelled "G2".

Also, they have a nasty habit of dropping out of "Message mode" into "Pulse mode". I had this happen often at the same electrically noisy site.
If the PIM is in Pulse Mode when connected to an HAI controller, the “Receive” LED on the HAI Serial port will be on steady.

Refer to the manual on how to reset the PIM back to Message mode.

You may want to try another serial port on the OmniProII if you don't see the serial port leds flashing.


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