NQLinkPro - Ver 5.0.1 - User Help Window Won't Close

I ended up downloading and Subscribing for the NQLinkPro - Ver 5.0.1
I can connect to my panel (OLD - OmniPro II with FW of 4.0B) and change things like Thermostat Setting; however, it's not always allowing me to control the lights.  Seems like they the rooms work once, but once sending the initial command, doesn't recognized any changes after that?
Also, in the when clicking on the "Go to Room", the User Help windows pops up and wont let me close. 
I even clicked on the Do Not Show, and it still pops up?
If I keep trying to touch the "Got It", the program just shuts down?
I'm using an Android with Ver 10
Now the issue is that the first time I go to a room, I can set the lights to On or Level Percentage.  But after the first change takes place, although the application shows changing the setting from the first one, the lights stay at the first setting?