Omni Pro II and Google Home integration


When I built our house 5-6 years ago I installed the Omni Pro II in my server closet. 
I was fortunate and the builder let me run all my own low voltage.  I ran at least two CAT6 drops to every room and to anywhere I might one day install some sort of display panel.  I also ran all the wires for my security to all the doors, windows, siren, etc....
In the beginning I used the OmniPro II it for Security (23 Zones), automated my irrigation via a Relay Expansion board, and a few lights.
Fast forward to today and my Google Home/Samsung SmartThings now controls my lights and my irrigation.  I was looking into the Google nest home security system but I really do not want to buy all new door/window contacts.  Plus I installed the recessed contacts in all the doors and prefer that to the ugly white exterior contacts they provide.
I would love to use all the existing security wire and contacts but am not sure the best way to go about this.
I read that HomeSeer could be an option and I could spin up a small Linux VM on my QNAP but before I went down that rabbit hole I wanted to see if that was the best option.
In my ideal world I would be able to use my google home system voice or display to check the status if doors/windows and to arm/disarm the system.
Is HomeSeer my best option?
I am am using my OmniPro 2 panel with Homeseer and Home Assistant today. 
UPB in wall switches connected to the OmniPro panel work fine.  I have Amazon devices and have integrated them with Homeseer and Home Assistant.  Everything is running mostly in Linux.  I do still run a Windows VB for SAPI speech integration to now Alexa Speech integration.
Personally I would keep the wired security features and the Omni panel.
Concurrently doing house #2 using the Ring alarm system, WiFi modded with firmware switches (removing cloud connectivity), Alexa Devices, Homeseer and HA there too.  Doing MQTT for everything there.  I can control the Alexa devices locally without VR or with VR as well as the Ring system via MQTT.  Ring sells a wired alarm integration piece such that you could continue to utilize your wired sensors.  I have the Ring hub powered via POE (POE has a UPS) and Ring utilizes a sim card if off line from network anyways.
Do you have any experience with the Fibaro Smart Implant. It looks compatible with my SmartThings hub.
Found this video on it,
I was using the Samsung Hub (X2) and last year shut them down and went to using Home Assistant and Homeseer on the same Linux box.
It sounds like the Fibaro Smart Implant would work for you.
Curious why you didn't integrate your OP2 panel to Homeseer?