outdoor speaker suggestions for balcony


I need some expert advice: I am thinking about installing speakers for our balcony in a loft building, small - 24 x 10 ft. Since all I really need is "contained" ambient sound, the speaker placement (and choice) are probably different from normal home theatre setup.

Seems like there are two choices: 1) mount a pair high on either end of the wall and point them down/inward to project into the balcony, or (2) mount them at "rail height" (the balcony actually have pretty tall solid walls) and point them horizontal opposing sides.

What I really wish is that there is a single speaker, or single enclosure speaker system, that will simplify the wiring and mounting.

Any recommendations?
pkshiu said:
What I really wish is that there is a single speaker, or single enclosure speaker system, that will simplify the wiring and mounting.
Lots of speaker companies make in-ceiling/in-wall speakers with dual voice coils. Here is an example
I've used HTDs for my outdoor speakers. Works good. Not much bass, but I'm not sure there are too many with decent bass (small woofers...)
Thanks all for the suggestions !! I can't do surface mount because we have a fake/shallow brick outside and steel balcony walls. The Proficient Audio looks pretty good. Now I have to find out where I can get one and go from there.

Any suggestions on placement? With a single enclosure seems putting high up in the middle and point it downwards would be the right thing to do.

Note: I just googled for the AW500TT, some places are selling them for around $250, some are around $75. What am I missing?

http://www.proficientaudio.com/aw500tt_main.html vs
Hi PK,

The AW500TT retails for $225 usd and the price in the audioallies.com link is way below dealer cost so I'd be suspicious?

Russound also makes a similar product called the OBSolo. They are similar in price, but the Proficient is a better performing, higher quality speaker so will be the better value. It's also got wider dispersion of the high frequency which sounds like it will be beneficial in your application.

You've given a good description of your balcony, but it's still difficult to recommend mounting without seeing it. I expect the placement you suggest will be best, but you may want to do a low tech test by running wires that are long enough to allow the speaker to be temporarily positioned in several locations until you find what seems to work well. Just a few minutes with someone holding the speaker, or placing it up on a ladder will probably be all you need to find a favorite spot!

We sell Proficient gear so feel free to get in touch if you'd like a quote (don't forget to ask for the super secret cocoontech discount!).

Thanks "pk" for the help on my balcony speaker situation. The cheapo pricing is suspicious. I will get in touch when I am ready for the install. I just need to split my budget between lighting control and audio...