Panasonic Viera plasma: IP control...?!?

Found code for dash or Digital Separator:
Also found discrete inputs:
NRC_VIDEO1-ONOFF  gets video or component depending how one defines the input
Having some trouble with discrete Antenna input.
Hi Remote32,
Thanks for sharing these discrete inputs, I'll try them on my STW60.
If you happen to find the TV discrete, let us know.
In the meantime, I'm trying to play with feedbacks. My goal is to know on what input the TV is..
If found this useful database : (can't post link sorry, but you can google it with upnp database panasonic viera 476)
I'm trying every uPNP action one by one, but so far, no success (only volume, mute state, and other uninteresting stuff).
The ultimate goal for me, is to make irule aware of which input is actually on, so that it can change to the according input when i switch activities (watching TV, watching HDMI1) 
Any chance of reviving this old thread? I have been trying things on my Panasonic Viera, but haven't managed to get anything to work. IF anyone has gotten things to work could you please write what you did. Thanks
I am trying to write a macro with mute in it.  Is there a discrete mute on and off?  This would make the macro more useful if possible.
Did anyone ever get a fully functional list of IP codes for the ST50 series?  Just hooked up a new control system and would love to ditch IR.
Found codes for Netflix:
/nrc/control_0?<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<s:Envelope xmlns:s="" s:encodingStyle="">
<s:Body><u:X_LaunchApp xmlns:u="urn:panasonic-com:service:p00NetworkControl:1">
(Note:  id 0010000200000001 is Neflix)
(id 0010001300000001 is VUDU)
(id 0010000100000001  is Amazon)
(id 0070000C00000001 is AccuWeather)
(id=0387878700000014 is DLNA server)
Trying to get discrete volume control for slider control of volume.  Appears to be set volume, but need to work on command structure.