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Jim Doolittle

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I tried to do a search for Comodo Firewall and did not get a hit. It appears to be a highly rated free firewall. One report I read was at
I decided a while back to not use Windows Firewall and ZoneAlarm (free version) seemed to be a bit bloated. A friend in IT said that Comodo is not bloated.

Anybody try this. Any comments. I was thinking of using it on my HS server that runs 24/7.

Yes, it is behind a NAT firewall and I know you are a big fan of relying just on that. However, there is a whole group that believe that a NAT firewall is not enough.

So, I guess my question should be...

If you are of the opinion that a software firewall is needed in addition to a NAT firewall, what do you think of Comodo Firewall?
If you must use a firewall ;) then this one is as good as any free firewall out there. Several guys at work use this one on their personal PCS and after a bit of a learning curve it seems to work. I actually tried it for a while but you know my opinion already :) I did like there icon/graphic in the lower right hand corner of their page though.
Sorry. I meant I was unable to find a cocoontech member's comment about Comodo's usefulness on this board. Not that I could not find the software itself.
I took a look at it earlier, it does look pretty impressive, and judging by some of the tests they have done, it is indeed the better one out there.
I think that if you only use a NAT, you may be in trouble. I understand what Rupp is saying about there not really being a need for the software firewall, however, I was sold after going to and doing a leaktest of my system. It made me realize that as good as a piece of hardware was, the user still needed control to stop trojans, zombie stuff from going OUT to the world. If you can't stop your system from communicating OUT to the internet how can you help try to prevent the fostering of these nasties?

So, I respect what Rupp is saying (if you are smart enough to not go to a site that has these nasties lurking), but if accidentally you hit one...that's what I worry about.

So, I'm with Jim on this one.

I know I've been setting up a portable thumb drive (so I can take all my apps with me, Firefox, Gaim, paint programs, all sorts of fun little utilities for doing computer work), and my concern is HOW do I protect myself on someone else's machine without installing ZoneAlarm, or something else?

I've been toying around with Winpooch, however, I think I'm not understanding how to configure it.

The best way is by using a virtual machine, such as the VMware viewer. They have browser appliance out there already that fit on the larger USB thumb drives.

Can you explain a little bit about what you mean?

I've been slowly setting up my thumbdrive (BTW if one of the systems you plug into puts stuff in the "System Directory" that it might create on your can free up over 200 megs by deleting that CRAP!!), so any help in making my portable stuff more secure would be great!