PLED Displays


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Hi Guys

Just thought i would mention that i got a couple of 4 x20 PLED Displays today and they are compatible drop in replacements for standard lcds....Doesnt require any back lighting (no hot heatsink on the 1wire board)...and the viewing angle is IMHO must better than normal lcds that i have used....They cost approx $30 AUS (approx $25 US)

Heres a link to another pled lcd that i used on one of my xPL projects to give you an idea of how they look..

Pretty spiffy!

About the touch-switches; can these be had for a decent price in America? Is the color-fade and lighting on them built-in, or would I have to code it?

I like the idea of the no-backlight idea; mine's on all the time, but I don't think it's a probem. And, after so many years trying to get this far, it kinda feels reassuring, ya know? :>