Power Injector


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I have the power injector to use with the DS9097U-009 and a DS9490R. Seems like the power injector is not working properly. When I connect up just the 12VDC to the pwr input jack I would expect both LED's to light, but only the +5 Reg LED lights and not the other one (near the Output RJ45). Also, using the iButton viewer I can see the ID for either adapter with the Power Injector hooked up, when nothing is hooked up to it's output connector. As soon as I plug in any One-Wire device to the output of the PowerInjector, iButton Viewer reports No Devices detected (ie the ID chip on the adapter goes away). It is like the OW bus is shorted or something. However, I can take the exact same One-Wire device and connect it with the same Cat5 cable to a iButton LinkHub and it works fine. (the RJ45 pinouts are the same for the LinkHub as for the HobbyBoard pinouts)

Any ideas what could be causing these symptoms?


That is really strange. The LED you are saying isn't lighting up is for the unregulated power which has to be there otherwise the +5v regulated wouldn't be working. Sounds like that may be a bad LED.

There shouldn't be anything that would short out the bus in the Power Injector. All of the non-power pins are just connected straight through. Are you sure that the cable connecting the Power Injector to the adaptor is wired correctly?


Yes indeed it is strange. Especially for such a simple circuit. I did notice that it seemed like the regulator heat sink may have been touching things it should not have been. I removed it and the Unreg LED still does not come on, but when I plug in a Wire device (HTS3-R1) now it does come on! And then if I bring up the iButton viewer that LED dims a little (blinking) in sync with the polling frequency of the iButton Viewer! If I leave the One-Wire device connected but disconnect the wire from the DS9097U then the unreg LED goes out. All very very strange. I did make a new cable from the DS9097U to the PowerInjector (just DQ and Grnd for each connector). That made no difference. I even tried swapping the wires to see if I was just reading something backwards, and got exact same results except LED was brighter and did not pulse with the iButton Viewr poll rate, it was steady bright.

If you have nothing else I can try, let me know and I will order a new Power Injector. If that solves the problem, I hope I can return the one I have now for a refund.