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Brett Griffin, Co-Founder

Architechtronics Announces Chameleo PLC, a Device that Translates X-10â„¢ commands to UPBâ„¢ Commands for Use in Home Control Products

Architechtronics, a home technology manufacturer based in Bothell, WA announces their newest product, Chameleo PLC. Chameleo PLC is the first product on the market to provide a simple translation from X-10â„¢ to UPBâ„¢ technologies for use in a variety of home control products. The Chameleo PLC is the first product in a complete line of Chameleo products to be released in 2006.

“Chameleo PLC will allow current X10â„¢ users to intermingle the more reliable UPBâ„¢ technology at a very reasonable costâ€, explains Brett Griffin, Co-Founder of Architechtronics. “For the user, it’s simple—when the X10â„¢ lighting controller is replaced with the UPBâ„¢ lighting controller, the device will automatically convert commands from the new UPBâ„¢ controller to the older X10â„¢ network.â€

Many users of X-10â„¢ technology would like to upgrade UPBâ„¢ because it provides higher reliability. In the past, this has been difficult because X-10â„¢ and UPBâ„¢ could not communicate to each other, and often-older controllers are not compatible with the latest lighting control technology. The Chameleo PLC makes it possible to replace or upgrade one or more switches with a UPBâ„¢ switch as their budget allows.

Chameleo PLC will be shipping in January of 2006. Architechtronics is offering $10 off plus free shipping on orders with payments received by January 15. For more information on Chameleo PLC, including pricing and distribution please visit website:

About Architechtronics:
Architechtronics is a developer and manufacturer of unique home technology products such as Chameleo PLC and FIDOH. Based in Bothell, WA, and all products are manufactured in the USA. Visit for more information.
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