[PROMOTION] CocoonTech.com March Madness!

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As a thank you for supporting CocoonTech.com and in an attempt to attract more regulars to this site, CocoonTech.com is having a month long promotion, giving away over $500 in hardware and software. If this event is a success, we will be holding more contests in order to promote the site, and share the fun.

The hardware and software we are giving away:


All you have to do is post here if you want to enter for the Harmony Remote giveaway, or in the other thread if you wish to enter for the Homeseer Z-Wave USB starter kit giveaway. You are allowed to submit an entry for each contest, but you can only win 1 prize.

The contest will run until the end of March, winners will be picked the 1st of April (no joke!). Only one entry per person per prize will be allowed (this will be verified, people who wish to cheat the system will be automatically disqualified from the giveaway!), and only 1 prize per snail mail adress/person/email address. Good luck and enjoy!

CocoonTech.com would like to thank Intrigue Technologies for their extensive support and generousity.

Stay tuned for a CocoonTech.com review of this unit in the next few days!
I could really use the remote after my Pronto got stolen last fall...

I will even tell the secret of IR codes for MCE!!!
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