Putty like program for Android?


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Use putty to ssh to headless boxes on my network. Would be handy (just for simple things in a shell) to have something similar on my phone as I can use VPN to get to my network. Googled and got something like "best 10 putty alternatives for Android" and tried Termius. But it wants me to enter my user names and passwords into the program which makes me nervous. ConnectBot looks good? Anyone used it?
Here have installed ssh and vnc and openvpn clients to my test Android touchscreen tablets and tabletops and smartphones.

I can also RDP on Android to my Windows servers at home. Works great.

Relating to smartphones here have always purchased unlocked phones, rooted them and redone the OS to get rid of the junk on them.

I am Pete over here too==>
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Here is a thread relating to modifying the Sonoff NSPanel Pro (which runs Android) to run Homeseer Touch and Home Assistant and HAI Android software...it is a tiny touchscreen....very small footprint....if you remove the back of it you can power it up with 5VDC...flush mounted.

Sonoff NSPanel Pro



For the TV boxes removed Android and running CoreElec on them. Easy to do.
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I used to use ConnectBot way back. Assuming it hasn't changed ownership or business model, I can attest to this being a great application and worth checking out.